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As a point of reference I use the Australian film classifications, as that’s what I’m most familiar with.
G: General exhibition. Films with this rating are suitable for all ages.
PG: Parental guidance recommended. Films rated PG are recommended for viewing by those over the age of 15, with parental discretion advised for those aged 14 and younger.
M: Mature. The same recommendations apply for M-rated films as with those rated PG, but M-rated films are generally harsher in nature and require a more mature perspective.
MA 15+: Mature accompanied. These films are restricted to those over the age of 15 years, with children aged 14 and under required to be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian when viewing, renting or purchasing.
R 18+: Restricted. Only adults aged 18 years and over are admitted to films of this rating for cinema screenings, and must be 18+ to rent or purchase.
X 18+: Nearly identical to the R rating, except that the X classification is applied solely to films containing sexually explicit content (in other words, pornography). Films with this rating can only be legally purchased or rented from adult stores in the two mainland territories of Australia (the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory), but can be purchased online or via mail order if living elsewhere in Australia.
Most of my stories, unless noted otherwise as part of the story summary, are rated either M or MA. Basically, you should be mature enough to handle varying levels of coarse language, some drug and alcohol references and/or usage, mature themes, sexual references and varying levels of violence. I ask that the rating of and warnings for each story are taken into account before and while they are read – they are there for a very good reason (read: to save my own arse), so please take them seriously.
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