:: remixes ::

After some consideration (helped along by my participation in the first Wintry Remix challenge in late 2016, which was a lot of fun), I've decided to open my fanfics to remixing by other writers. Straight remixes, AUs, fanmixes, podfics and the like are all welcome and encouraged. I only have a few requests:

1. Please email me or send me a direct message on Twitter to let me know that you're interested in remixing one of my fics. A link to your finished or in-progress story once it's posted would be much appreciated, so that I can link to it here.

2. My in-progress and on-hiatus fics are off-limits until completion, as are my short story Spirit Of The Anzacs and any of my articles. I'd love to see what others would do with my ideas, just not until I'm done with them! ;) Completed instalments of any of my series may be remixed, but please try not to reference events taking place in subsequent stories.

3. Please stick to remixing my stories as het or gen fics.

The Moment’s Passion: On the Road With Hanson by Isobel Reynolds
Author: Bethany
Story Remixed: Defying Gravity

Read on to get an inside look at Hanson's ten year anniversary tour!

Hope It Comes Soon
Author: Becky
Story Remixed: The Basement Tapes

Sometimes you meet the love of your life when you're least expecting it.