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Please note that for the following stories, the word counts may include chapters that are currently in progress.

Out In The Blue
Started: July 2014
Completed Instalments: 1
Status: On temporary hiatus – to be resumed at the conclusion of Braving Darker Days
Word Count: 3,030
Rating: M

“So you’re done,” Isaac said once I’d seated myself in one of the folding chairs Mum and Dad kept out on the verandah, and I nodded. Now that the euphoria I’d felt that morning at finally making it to remission had evaporated, I just felt stunned. For nearly three years, since the beginning of August 2002, my life had essentially consisted of a seemingly endless stream of doctor’s appointments, tests, chemotherapy and avoiding my reflection in the mirror. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.

Started: July 2015
Completed Instalments: 1
Status: On temporary hiatus
Word Count: 632
Rating: M

I saved that final star for the night before I started work at the hospital in the sleepy country village that was to be my new home. Sitting in candlelight on my old school trunk in my new lounge room, surrounded by boxes of my belongings, I carefully cut a strip of paper from an empty page out of my journal, folded one final star and dropped it into the jar.

Shine My Way
Started: November 2016
Completed Instalments: 1
Status: On hiatus
Word Count: 1,443
Rating: M

Ainslie held up her hands in seeming self-defence. “Okay, okay.” She steered me across to the settee under the window. I sat down carefully so that I didn’t crease my robes, and Ainslie took my hands into hers once she was sitting next to me. “You and Taylor are probably both as nervous as one another,” she continued. “I reckon she’s wearing a track in the carpet right now. You know how she gets when she’s anxious.” I smiled a little at this. “You love her, yeah?”