:: transformative works policy ::

I welcome and encourage transformative works of my fic in any form. I only have a few restrictions:
  1. 1. My short story Spirit Of The Anzacs is STRICTLY OFF-LIMITS, as is any meta that I have written and posted online.
  2. 2. Any fic currently in progress is off-limits until it's marked as complete.
  3. 3. Transformative works of finished stories that are part of any of my series are allowed. However, please don't reference later stories in these series if those stories aren't yet finished.
  4. 4. The only fic where I am willing to allow slash relationships in transformative works is Twelve Stops And Home. For all others, I ask that any relationships written are either het or gen. Additionally, I do not allow 'cest to be depicted and will not give permission for transformative works with this relationship.
Please drop me a DM at my writing Twitter (@tabularasafic) or an email if you’d like to create a transformative work of any of my fic. Odds are I'll say yes, so please don't be shy - I'd love to see what you all come up with. ^__^ All I ask in return is for my fic to be credited as your inspiration, and a link to your work so I can read, view or listen to it.