:: anthem world tour :: australia ::

In a livestream on February 23 2014, Hanson announced that they would be visiting Australia that August as part of the Anthem World Tour. Given that it hadn’t even been eighteen months since their last Australian tour we Aussie fans definitely weren’t expecting it, though we’d been hoping that we would get a tour this year. Planning began in earnest, and I immediately decided that I would not only go to their Enmore Theatre show in Sydney (as I’ve done every Australian tour to date) but I would also do something I had never done for any band – travel interstate. In keeping with my resolution from the conclusion of the Australian Shout It Out tour I chose Perth and the final Australian show at Fremantle’s Metropolis as my destination for my second Hanson show of 2014. I had never been to Western Australia prior to this tour, so seeing one of my favourite bands seemed like the perfect excuse for a trip to the other side of the country.

Linked in the side panel are my reports of the two shows I attended during the Anthem World Tour. They were originally posted in my LiveJournal on August 9 and 20 2014 respectively.