:: about the story ::

In October 2016, the very first remix challenge for Hanson fandom was announced - the Wintry Remix, run by Bethany of Place To Hide. And being as I'm never one to back down from a challenge, I signed up as soon as I was able to. I ended up remixing one of Bethany's own fics, a story titled Kiss And Tell, with this story - Love, Chaos And Other Phenomena - becoming the end result. I used the same story as my entry in the 2017 session of the Wintry Remix. I had a lot of fun with both sessions of the challenge, and look forward to taking part in the future.

Summary: Taylor and Molly have four goals for the autumn semester of 2016 - make it through the next thirteen weeks of classes without working a few screws loose, actually pass said classes, avoid the duck pond lawn at all costs, and get Georgina and Zac to finally realise that they like one another as more than friends. Too easy, right?
Rating: M 15+
Warnings: Naughty language, alcohol usage and references
Status: In progress
Story started on: 12 November 2016
Story last updated: 17 December 2017
Word count: 8,479